Born with the Soul of a Firefly

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Feature Production

Marketing Distribution Release

The flutter of wings.

The last burst of red-gold sun over the rolling green hills of the Pacific Ocean.

A woman, lost.

Childlike wonder and infinite adventure found.

Endangered by deadly pesticides, Panamanian teenager PippitySnye and her merry band of fireflies set sail on a fantastical journey through space and time with the human woman prophesied to save them, and help her to find her smile and rescue her from the darkness that threatens them all. 

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A relative epic in a firefly world. Telling tales of the universe. And our favorite The Girl. You will laugh and cry. You will not believe it. You will relish each detail. And want to view and re-view it. It’s smart and creative. It’s brilliant and true. It’s global and local. It’s about me and you. Powerful scenes and memorable lines. You can’t get this movie out of your mind. But the most beautiful part is, PippitySnye and Her Band of Fireflies, whom you are so thankful to have in your world.


Sample Storyboard and Animation Designs