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Most people have heard about vacation rentals through companies like, Airbnb and HomeAway.  These companies are paving the way for this much greater movement that is changing the way people travel, and work, and live.

The Vacation Rental Show is about exploring that greater movement.

Getting to know destinations "like a local," through the eyes of vacation rental properties, and getting to know communities through the eyes of inspiring hosts.

Throughout our journeys we discover that the rules of hospitality are changing, and that the vacation rental movement is very much the gateway to a more independent and adventuresome world.

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Accessibility: Not everyone has Anthony Bourdain's Rolodex, but just about anyone can meet local insiders, find off-the-beaten-path experiences, and explore anti-tourist experiences if they choose the right vacation rental. We're aiming for one-of-a-kind or "limited edition" memories. Friends, local businessmen, or personalities who are stakeholders in the local community or who are fascinating people, are ideal to share their craft(s).

The Front Porch: We’re showing how vacation rental businesses can bring back the "front porch" civic gathering concept, to reclaim the priorities of neighborhoods and communities. We'd like to underline the connective properties of the vacation rental business in the immediate family, the community, and the greater world.

Diversity: Every vacation rental business is unique and adds to the texture of the destination. And every local resident has something to offer – no matter their age or social standing. The more diverse a vacation rental's community is, the more resilient it is and more potential it has to invoke change – both inside and outside its walls. We are looking to convey all sides of the story.

Sustainability: Vacation rental businesses, when done well, have a vital role in the long-term sustainability of a touristic destination. We enjoy featuring ideas, initiatives, and people who preserve resources and contribute to long-term collective well-being.  

Second Season Episodes: 10

Running Time: 22-30 minutes

Platforms:  Youtube, Facebook, Native

Themes: Travel, Entrepreneurship, Property Management, Hospitality

Characters: Matt Landau, VR Hosts, Other Travelers

Locations: Europe, Asia, Americas

Distribution Target: 1 million + high retention views per season

References: RawCraft, Munchies,, The Ask GaryVee Show

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